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Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye syndrome is very common among adults and affects over 5 million Americans ages 50 and up. Dry eyes are more common among women and its prevalence increases with age. The amount of people affected by dry eyes is expected to increase given today’s modernized digital world. Extensive use of smartphones, tablets and handheld electronics are contributing factors to dry eyes. Whether it’s long hours in front of a computer or excessive exposure to smartphone screens, many individuals put their eyes through enough strain to cause dry eyes.

The Dry Eye Clinic at South Palm Eye Associates offers a variety of diagnostic and treatment options for dry eye patients. South Palm Eye Associates is also one of a select few practices in South Florida that offers the TearLab Osmolarity System Reader. TearLab is an innovative technology that diagnoses and manages patients with dry eyes. Fortunately, most insurances now cover TearLab diagnostic testing.

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