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Contact Lenses

As a uniquely experienced optometrists, Dr. Oppenheimer and Dr. Sonneberg’s ultimate goal is the successful and healthy use of contact lenses and lens care products.

The Art & Science of Fitting Contact Lenses 

Achieving quality vision and contact lens comfort takes experience and attention to the patient’s unique needs.

Our optometrist carefully assesses each patient’s: age, medical issues, lens prescription, hobbies and sporting activities, career and work environment expectations.

A complete eye examination, including corneal topographical measurements, must be completed before our optometrist determines if the contact lenses are appropriate for a particular patient, particularly, if one of the following is a factor: keratoconus (irregularly shaped cornea), recent corneal transplant, LASIK, or Radial Keratotomy (RK) dry eye.

Our optometrist uses a corneal topography instrument to measure the front and back surfaces of the cornea, noting the curvature and health of the entire cornea. This information makes it possible for our optometrist to design the ideal lens within the shortest period of time and minimize the number of patient visits. Our optometrist carefully explains the advantages and disadvantages of both “hard” (rigid gas permeable) and “soft” lenses. The fitting process is essentially the same for both types of lenses.

A number of lens options are available, and our optometrist will carefully consider which lens will give you the optimal results.

“No Risk” contact lens fitting …only at South Palm Eye Associates

Our optometrist’s goal is patient satisfaction with the choice and fit of their lenses. We offer a refund if, after exhausting all possibilities, the patient is not happy with the results. No risk contact lens fitting is unique to South Palm Eye Associates.

South Palm Eye Associates offers a wide variety of contact lenses from many manufacturers.