While most Americans experience cataracts at some point in their life, many people know little about them and what they really are. Most of us think about them as a visible clouding over the eyes that are very obvious. However, this is not always the case.

Oftentimes, people experience cataract symptoms long before the cataract becomes visible. In fact, knowing what these symptoms are can be helpful in early detection and treatments, such as lens replacement with Crystalens or Symfony.

Let’s look at common symptoms of cataracts that often occur before they even become visible.

Light Sensitivity

Cataracts can cause you to have a much higher sensitivity to light. Cars headlights, lamps, and other light devices that once did not bother you may begin to hurt your eyes. You also may notice a halo around lights that you never noticed before. This light sensitivity could be because a cataract is preventing light from going through the eye properly.

Color Perception

Since cataracts cloud your eyes, they can interfere with your color perception. If you notice colors you are used to seeing are losing their vibrancy, then it may be cataracts causing the issue.

Double Vision

If you have a cataract in one eye only, double vision can occur. This is caused by the one eye not processing lights and images correctly, so both of your eyes are processing what you see differently. Double vision is serious and needs to be checked out immediately.

Issues With Night Driving

Because cataracts cause light to not be processed properly through the eyes, your eyes can have a hard time contrasting dark and light at night. This can cause you to be blinded by other driver’s headlights, or to just be visually overwhelmed by the lights everywhere. Also, you may find that you are unable to read road signs and street signs as well as you once did.

Blurred Vision

Blurry vision is often the first symptom people notice when it comes to cataracts. You can find that your eyes are not focusing well, or your vision seems cloudy. This is a serious sign that you may be suffering from cataracts.

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