No matter what you do for a living or recreation, you use your eyes for everything. But most likely, you don’t always take care of them the way you should. Abusing your eyes with excessive screen time, eye strain, or failing to use adequate protection from the elements can cause a lot of uncomfortable eye conditions. One of the most common is dry eye syndrome.

You May Have Dry Eye and Not Even Know It

Dry eye is a common condition and often goes undiagnosed due to the fact that many individuals ignore its symptoms. Related symptoms include redness and eye irritation, which causes a feeling that something sharp is stuck in the eye yet you’re unable to remove anything.

People with dry eye also frequently experience greater light sensitivity and blurry vision. You may even experience water eyes that cause you to tear up as though you were walking through a gust of wind. It may seem counter-intuitive that it would produce this symptom. However, to your eyes may produce extra lubrication to help alleviate the dryness of your tear films.

Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD, is one of the most common (and often ignored) causes of dry eye. Individuals with this condition suffer from obstruction of natural oil build-up in the meibomian glands within the eyelids. While your body has been attempting to combat this by increasing tear production, the effort goes to waste as MGD renders tears useless.

LipiFlow is Proven to Combat Dry Eye Symptoms Caused By MGD

In order to properly treat the symptoms, LipiFlow uses a unique approach to removing gland obstructions. LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System uses a single-use sterile device, the Activator, to first protect your eye from pressure while the eyelids close around the device.

Next, the device heats the eyelids from underneath to encourage the obstructed oils to liquefy. The device then begins to gently massage the eyelids, encouraging the obstruction toward the point of evacuation. Though it may take several weeks for LipiFlow to eliminate dry eye symptoms, it is effective for about two years.

Our Eye Doctor in Boynton Beach offerS LipiFlow and Other Dry Eye Treatments That Work

MGD is the cause of over two-thirds of all cases of dry eye. While some cases can be corrected by lessening screen time, improving environmental factors, or by stopping certain medications which can cause this to happen to your eyes, MGD does not improve on its own.

If you suffer from dry eye and positive lifestyle changes don’t seem to be improving your conditions, talk to our trusted eye doctor at South Palm Eye Associates, Dr. Kenneth Kasten about LipiFlow today. Dr. Kasten offers LipiFlow and other treatments for your eyes to help his patients finally experience relief. Call for an appointment today at 561-737-4040.