Dry eye can be a constant irritation that is very difficult to manage. Many people have tried InflammaDry in an effort to diagnose dry eye. Does it work? Read on to learn everything about InflammaDry in West Palm Beach. 

How Does the rapid InflammaDry test for dry eye Work?

InflammaDry is a test that is designed to identify if a patient has MMP-9. This marker is usually elevated in people with dry eye disease. A study found that high levels of MMP-9 correlate with severe symptoms. 

This test can be taken in the office, and the results are ready in ten minutes. As a result, you can know what is behind your dry eye within a single eye doctor visit. 

Your doctor or a technician will gather your tears and then place the tears into the test. Within ten minutes, the test will either show two lines to indicate that your tears are positive for MMP-9. A single line on the test indicates that your tears are negative for the MMP-9 marker. 

How Does InflammaDry Help dry eye Treatment?

The results of the test allow your eye doctor to give you a proper diagnosis. By identifying the culprit behind your dry eyes, your eye doctor is able to better treat you. If they find MMP-9 in your tears, your doctor may be encouraged to try anti-inflammatory therapy on you. Some of these solutions may include corticosteroids and cyclosporine A.

Depending on your case, further testing may be necessary to determine the best dry eye treatment for you. 

If the test ends up being negative, it is likely that your dry eye is not caused by an inflammatory issue. This simple test can reduce time and money wasted on treatments that will not yield useful results. 

Solve the Mystery of Your Dry Eye With InflammaDry in West Palm Beach

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