During an eye exam, chances are you have a lot of questions but are not quite sure where to begin. Here are four top questions to ask your optometrist near Delray Beach during your next visit.

1. How Do I Maintain or Improve My Eye Health?

Whether your eyes are perfectly healthy, or you’ve been diagnosed with an eye condition, maintaining and even improving your eye health is top priority. Ask your optometrist what you can do to monitor your symptoms (if you have any), maintain your health, and / or improve your current circumstance.

2. How Will You Address My Conditions / Concerns?

Understanding your optometrist’s approach to eye care is incredibly valuable. If you receive a diagnosis or have a prior one, one of the most important questions to ask your doctor is how they will treat your condition(s) and address your concerns.

This means discussing surgeries, medications, prescription glasses or contact lenses, and much more. This is also a good time to ask about how your condition will change with time or even if it will at all.

3. What Is Causing My Symptoms?

Blurry vision, watery eyes, redness, and general irritation… What does it all mean? Even the most minor issue may suggest a condition that needs to be addressed. If need be, write down a list of the symptoms you experience, be it on a regular or rare basis. This even includes bringing up allergies or contact lens discomfort.

4. What Tests Will Be Performed During My Visit?

Many people find themselves nervous about even the simplest tests performed during their eye examination. Asking your optometrist the tests they intend to perform will offer insight and peace of mind about what you can expect and the instruments used to perform each test.

If you have an eye condition you’ve been diagnosed with such as cataracts, ask your doctor what tests can be expected during future visits in order to monitor your specific case.

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