Choosing your glasses is an exciting experience, and it’s fun to try on the frames! But, how do you know you’re choosing the best frames for you? After your eye exam near West Palm Beach, use these tips to find the right frames by considering the following:

Your Face Shape 

When choosing the right eyeglasses, you should consider your face shape. Not sure what yours is? Not a problem! Stand in front of a mirror and simply draw the outline of your face. If you have an oval face, good news! Almost all frames will compliment your face. 

BONUS TIP: Take a minute to do an internet search for “face shape and eyeglasses.” You’ll find tons of charts to guide you!


You want glasses that are fun and stylish, but you also need to be sure they fit correctly. Most importantly, they should fit properly on the bridge of your nose. This is key to keeping your glasses in place. 

Your Skin Tone

Frames come in so many colors now. Choosing one to suit your skin tone should be your next step. Cool skin tones look great with black, blue, and gray frames. Warm skin tones work with tan, pink, and red frames. A good rule of thumb is to consider the colors in your wardrobe and what looks best on you. 

Your Lifestyle

How active you are can influence the kind of frame you select. If you’re especially active or work a demanding job like construction, you’ll want to choose durable frames. 

Your Personality

Let what makes you happy be your guide to the best frames. Wearing glasses is a fantastic way to show off who you are! 

Others’ Opinions

Take a friend or family member with you to your eye exam near West Palm Beach, so they can help you pick out frames afterward. It often helps to get the opinion of people you trust. 

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