Have you experienced blurry vision or another type of eye problem? Or, maybe you simply feel it’s time to get your eyes checked? No matter your reason, your eye health is incredibly important. Seeing an optometrist near Palm Springs for the first time for an eye exam or any other reason may make you nervous but it shouldn’t. As long as you know what to expect, you’ll be just fine!

What Should I Do to Prepare for My First Visit With an Optometrist Near Palm Springs?

Treat this appointment like you would any first appointment with a doctor. Be prepared to discuss your medical history, and bring with you a list of any medications or supplements you’re taking. Be able to share with your optometrist family medical history, including eye problems and conditions that may affect your eyesight like diabetes. It’s a good idea to write down any questions you may have beforehand, too.

I Admit I’m a Bit Nervous! What Should I Expect During My Appointment?

Once the discussion is completed, you’ll move on to the exam. This can include several different tests. Your eye will be measured to see if you need corrective lenses, your peripheral vision will be checked, and the health of your retina will also be checked. Other tests include examining the front of your eye: your eyelids, eyelashes, cornea, iris, lens, and the fluid chamber as well as a glaucoma screening.

What Age Should People Begin to Get Their Eyes Checked?

For children, eye exams with a qualified optometrist near Palm Springs should begin around the age of three. Adults with vision problems or those who are at risk should ideally have their vision checked every two years. Otherwise, it’s recommended you have your eyes checked beginning at age 40 and every two to four years after that.

Put Your Mind at Ease With the Best Optometrist Near Palm Springs!

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