Cataract surgery is exciting, yet you may have concerns. Restoring one’s vision and eye health through surgery can seem scary. Don’t fear though, just be prepared! Here’s your quick guide on how to prepare for cataract surgery in South Palm Beach!

Pay Attention to Changes in Your Eyes

Your surgery will likely be scheduled one to two weeks after your initial appointment. During this time, pay attention to any changes in your eyes or vision, such as sensitivity, redness, swelling, and / or signs of an infection. It’s important to be fully healthy before your procedure.

Talk to Your Eye Doctor About the Right Type of Cataract Lens Implant for You

This is done by your doctor a week before your surgery with a pain-free ultrasound test. This test measures the shape and size of your eye in order to accurately determine the appropriate lens implant for you. This implant replaces your natural lens for long-term vision correction, so it’s important that it fits correctly and is the best one for your needs.

Have a Chat About Medications and Medical History Before Cataract Surgery

Be honest with your doctor about medications you’re currently taking, as well as your health history. Certain medications or conditions can affect your procedure and outcome.

Use Your Eye Drops as Recommended

You may be prescribed anti-inflammatory and / or antibiotic eye drops. Use them on the schedule your doctor recommends to reduce your risk of complications.

Plan Your Recovery After Cataract Surgery in Advance

Future you will thank past you for seeing (pun intended) into the future. Use the time before your surgery to complete any important errands, meal prep, tidy the house, or even arrange to have a friend or family member stay with you.

The most important thing is to arrange for someone to take you home after your procedure, since driving is not permitted. You should also be prepared to take at least three days off work, though you may wish to have a longer resting period for recovery.

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