Millions have trouble seeing to drive at night. It’s frustrating and unsafe, as well. If you have issues seeing while driving at night, then you need to see an eye doctor near Boynton Beach for a comprehensive eye exam

What Causes Night Vision Problems?

If you see well during the day but struggle at night, there are many possible causes. Diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, certain vitamin deficiencies, and over-exposure to sunlight can all be contributing factors. Here are three reasons to see an optometrist

1. Your Eye Doctor Near Boynton Beach Will Make a Diagnosis

To figure out the cause of your night vision problems, you will need an eye doctor to perform a comprehensive exam. This is the only way to determine the right course of treatment for you.

2. Only Your Eye Doctor Can Create a Proper Treatment Plan

Various tests will likely be performed during your exam. Once those results come in, it is then your eye doctor will recommend the proper treatment. Depending on the cause, your eye doctor in Boynton Beach might recommend a vitamin regime, laser therapy, eye drops, or surgery for more difficult cases.

3. You Can Count on Your Eye Doctor for Advice

Your eye doctor should be your trusted source for recommendations on how to prevent your night vision from getting worse as well as safety precautions you should take while driving at night. 

Your eye health is vitally important so it’s recommended you carefully follow all advice given to you by your eye doctor.

Where Should I Go for the Best Eye Doctor in Boynton Beach?

South Palm Eye Associates has been in the business for over 30 years. Our expertise and experience are key to keeping your eyes healthy. If you are having issues with driving at night or need other eye care, please give us a call at 561-737-4040. We want you to be safe, so don’t wait to call!