A cataract is a defect in the eye that usually affects men and women in their later years. This condition is marked by an opaqueness in the lens of the eye that will, over time, result in a deterioration in a person’s vision. Cataracts can be dealt with by different methods, including cataract surgery in Boynton Beach. However, the condition must first be recognized by those affected and diagnosed by medical professionals. Certain signs usually point to the development of a cataract, such as:


  • Worsening Vision


In its initial development, a cataract will normally affect only a small portion of the lens. It often reveals itself through a general deterioration in a person’s vision that involves an overall cloudiness and a blurring of objects. Certain types of cataracts may first cause nearsightedness, requiring the use of more powerful eyeglasses or contact lenses, with vision seeming to improve before it gets much worse.


  • Light Sensitivity


This is a common characteristic of cataracts, with the condition often becoming so serious that bright lights cause physical pain to the person so afflicted. This condition can be particularly hazardous when driving at night, when bright lights stand out against a background that is otherwise black.


  • Unusual Colors


The protein material within a cataract will often create clumps that produce a brown or yellow tinge. The person will thus see colors that are not there and also experience a significant reduction in night vision.


  • Seeing Halos


The general clouding of the lens caused by a cataract can lead to a deflection of the light rays that enter the eye. The result is the creation of what resembles a halo around sources of light. This condition can increase the risk of experiencing a traffic accident in darkness.

When You Need Cataract Surgery, Turn to the Skilled Surgeon at South Palm Eye Associates

Although cataracts normally develop after the age of 40, they can occur in younger people from other factors, including the use of certain medications. Additionally, the symptoms of cataracts can be an indication of other, perhaps serious, health conditions. This is why it is important for anyone with such symptoms to seek medical attention.

Our eye doctors employ the latest medical techniques in diagnosing cataracts, making it possible to determine what course of action is needed in actually treating the problem. Those who suspect that they may have this condition should call us today at 561-737-4040 for a cataract surgery consultation at South Palm Eye Associates.