Cataracts can cause major issues, potentially leading to vision loss and other complications. So, how can you tell if you’re struggling with cataracts? Here are five symptoms of cataracts in Boynton Beach to look out for.

1. Changes In Vision

Vision changes are one of the first signs something is wrong. These changes tend to develop rather quickly as well. Changes include cloudy, dim, or blurry vision. Nearsightedness may occur, though this is more common in older patients.

2. Difficulty With Bright Lights

A halo around lights may occur with cataracts, but difficulty with lights in general is common.

Your eyes may become sensitive to bright lights and glare or otherwise normal lighting, such as sunlight, headlights, and even lamps can seem far brighter than they really are. This leads to discomfort and potentially headaches.

3. Distorted Vision

With cataracts, your vision could become distorted, causing you to see colors differently. Many patients report seeing colors as faded or with a yellow tint. Double vision is another possible symptom but may go away as cataracts grow and become more prominent. Double vision is particularly scary, capable of making you feel distorted, dizzy, or even sick.

4. Frequent Changes in Prescription Glasses

Over time, your eyesight naturally progresses and may require a different prescription than you had before. Cataracts exacerbate this progression, demanding frequent changes in your prescription due to worsening eyesight. Although stronger prescriptions can help temporarily, it won’t fix the core issue.

5. Poor Night Vision

While you might experience light sensitivity, requiring more light is not unusual, either. Seeing well at night could become an impossible task for you, alongside being in dimmer areas, making it difficult to see without brighter lights.

Poor night vision can make night driving and other tasks incredibly dangerous.

Experiencing Symptoms of Cataracts in Boynton Beach? South Palm Eye Associates Is Here for You!

It is incredibly scary to deal with cataracts, causing blindness and other complications if left unattended. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your eyesight. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of cataracts in Boynton Beach, contact us at 561-737-4040 as soon as possible!