As the world’s leading cause of blindness, cataracts, or clouding of the eye, is a very common concern. The risk of developing cataracts increases as you get older, and cataracts are one of the most common health issues affecting people as they advance in age. Cataract surgery in Boynton Beach helps you avoid blindness from this medical concern. Here is what you should know if you develop cataracts.

Recovery time after cataract surgery in Boynton Beach is Typically short

Most people experience soreness and discomfort after surgery that only lasts for a couple of days. While full healing may take up to six weeks, most patients can resume normal activities including exercise within a week. You may feel very tired and lethargic after your surgery for up to a week or two. Plan to avoid strenuous chores, heavy lifting, or intense physical activity until your doctor says you are fully recovered. Depending on your type of lens implant, your after-care instructions may vary. Always follow your eye doctor’s advice regarding post-op care.

Cataract Surgery Is Safe and Effective

It is now easier and more simple than ever, and it is the most effective way to treat cataracts. This surgery now has fewer complications than it has in the past, so patients are now choosing to have it at a younger age instead of delaying it until cataracts worsen and interfere with eyesight. Doctors agree that it is better to have surgery before cataracts begin interfering with your quality of life, difficulty reading, and / or loss of night vision. The rate of serious complications such as a detached retina or dislocated lens is as little as 1%.

Reduce Your Risk of Falls, Car Accidents, and Other Concerns With Cataract Surgery

Studies have found that people experience less anxiety and depression and are involved in fewer car crashes after surgery to remove cataracts. Also, women over 70 are at a lower risk of falling. Don’t put off your health any longer. Call our eye doctors today at 561-737-4040 for a consultation, and take back your vision and eye health with the right lens implant for you!