If you’re new to contact lenses or it’s time for new ones, it’s important to find an eye doctor who is committed to excellence in care and provides the best brands and selection. If you’re ready for the benefits of contact lenses, such as the fact that don’t fog up like glasses, you’ll enjoy improved peripheral vision and be more comfortable, find your lenses at South Palm Eye Associates when shopping for contact lenses near 33437. 

You Get An Excellent Fit At South Palm Eye Associates

When it comes to contact lenses, quality vision and comfortable fit are key. If you’re shopping for contact lenses, the doctors at South Palm Eye Associates specialize in the art and science of a proper fitting. Our optometrists carefully examine your eyes and consider your age, medical history, lens prescription, hobbies, activities, career, and work environment to ensure you get the right lenses for your unique needs. We employ the latest technology, including corneal topographic measurements to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. 

We Have A Great Selection of Contact Lenses Near 33437

Whether you need hard or soft lenses, a number of options are available at South Palm. Our optometrist has the expertise and experience you need to help you make the right choice for your vision and comfort. We can also help you choose a pair of glasses between contact lens wear if needed.

You Get Custom Care and Committed Service for Your Contact Lenses 

Our eye exams use the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments allowing our doctors to diagnose issues early. Eyes are an important window into our health and provide early clues to many health conditions, not just limited to eye conditions. We pride ourselves on our excellent reviews. Check out our online reviews, and see why so many choose us for eye care and contact lenses.

For enhanced quality of vision and comfort for your contact lenses near 33437, come to South Palm Eye Associates. Our optometrists carefully assess each patient, so you’ll get your ideal lenses. Great care and an excellent fit mean fewer trips to the eye doctor. Call us today at (561) 737-4040 to schedule your appointment for an eye exam and lens fitting!