With Halloween approaching, it is time to begin planning out your costume. You may be considering altering your eyes with colored contact lenses to create a more convincing character. Colored contacts can give you the eerie, unworldly look you are seeking to complete your Halloween costume, but are they worth wearing? Colored contacts can have a negative effect on your eyes, so no matter how great they may look, you need to consider forgoing them unless you have professional guidance. 

Here is why you should not wear colored contacts with your Halloween costume.

Non-Prescription Colored Contacts are Not Properly SIzed

When you go in for a contact lens exam, our eye doctors do more than just check your eyesight. We also check the shape of your eyes, so you can get contacts that properly fit. When you purchase colored contacts online, they may not fit your eye properly. Misfitting contacts can cause abrasions or ulcers. The pigmentation on the contacts also does not allow your eyes to breathe properly. All of these issues can lead to infection and possible permanent eye issues.

Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses are Not FDA Approved

When you purchase contact lenses without a prescription, they are not subject to any oversight. This means they may be made thicker than recommended for healthy eyes, or even be non-sterile and carry bacteria that is harmful to your eyes. Any of these issues may cause permanent damage that can even result in the need for a corneal transplant. As cool as these colored lenses may look with your costume, they are not worth the risk of permanent damage to your eyes.

Getting Prescription Colored Contacts

If you really want a pair of colored contacts, then you need to consult with a professional ophthalmologist. Your eye doctor will be able to examine your eyes and give you a prescription for contacts that fit your eyes correctly. Also, purchasing prescription contacts ensures they are under FDA oversight and they will fit properly and be sterile, ensuring your eyes are safe. 

South Palm Eye Associates Can Fit You For Colored Contact Lenses

You can safely get contacts to complement your Halloween costume this year by meeting with one of our skilled eye doctors. Call us today at 561-737-4040 to set up an appointment for an eye exam in Boynton Beach.