As you age, the chances of suffering from cataracts increases. In fact, 50 percent of people experience cataract issues by the time they are 75 years old, so it is something many of us are likely to deal with in our lives. Cataracts occur when your eyes lens begins to cloud and impede your vision.

To remove cataracts, doctors must perform surgery. This surgery includes making a small incision in order to remove the existing lens in your eye and then replacing it with a new, clear lens. These lenses are called Intraocular Lenses, or IOLs. They are clear and act as an artificial lens to your eye. Fortunately, new and better artificial lenses for cataracts are available today. One of those is the Symfony intraocular lens implant.

Here is why you should choose Symfony Intraocular Lens Implant to treat cataracts.

One of the benefits that make Symfony Intraocular Lenses stand out is their corrective abilities. While all IOLs correct cataracts, most only correct near vision or distance vision. This means most people have their distance vision fixed, and then use reading glasses. Symfony’s are able to correct vision for multiple distances, eliminating the need for corrective lenses.

Other IOLs can cause halos, glare, issues with nighttime vision, and a loss of contrast. These side effects make post-surgery vision difficult for many people. Symfony IOLs do not present these issues and just provide you with clear vision from the beginning. People report that their vision is crisp compared to what it was previously, both without surgery and when compared to other IOLs. The Symfony IOLs also allow for continued vision adaptation, something most other IOLs are unable to offer.

Symfony lenses also stand out because they are the first IOLs that address astigmatisms. Previous IOLs did nothing to correct astigmatism issues. Symfony lenses can correct mild to moderate astigmatism, greatly improving vision.

When You Need Cataract Surgery, Choose Symfony IOL Implants From Our Skilled Eye Surgeon

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