This holiday season, show you care, give the gift of an eye exam! It’s sure to put a gleam in their eyes. Annual comprehensive eye exams with an optometrist in West Palm Beach are an important part of routine health screenings. Not only do they detect eye issues but can also give clues to other health conditions. With all the daily threats to our eye health, eye exams are more important now than ever. 


1. Eye exams detect issues early, so everyone should get one annually even if they don’t wear glasses.


The eyes are truly a window into our overall health. Many are not aware, but some health problems are detected early during a routine comprehensive eye exam. During the exam, the doctor can see the blood vessels of the eyes and notice vision changes. Changes in the blood vessels and vision can be early signs of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arterial issues, some tumors and even neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis. Eye exams can also detect glaucoma and other conditions specifically related to vision and early detection is key to positive outcomes.


2. More environmental and lifestyle threats to eye health than ever before.


Our eyes are exposed daily, and keeping them healthy is essential with an eye exam by your optometrist. Here are just a few things that can be prevented with regular visits.

  • Sun damage from UV rays can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts, both of which can be screened for during the annual eye exam. 
  • Dry eye from digital eye strain can be caused from quicker evaporation of tear film. We spend more time than ever looking at our tvs, phones, computers – we use so many screens! Your eye doctor can help prevent and / or treat the symptoms of dry eye.
  • Eye irritation from increased pollen and other allergens are best managed with the help of your optometrist in West Palm Beach.


3. Good vision is key to our safety, and a good optometrist in West Palm Beach can help improve vision.


Seeing well prevents accidents. Good vision is key to preventing car accidents and very importantly, it helps prevent slips and falls. Changes in vision that cause reduced depth perception, decreased field of vision, and contrast can affect balance and ability to perceive the environment. All of this can put one at greater risk for a car accident or at risk for falls, which are among the leading causes of death of people over age 65. 

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