Eye appointments can seem very mundane, but your eye health is not something you should take for granted. Your vision is an essential part of your daily living, and you want to be sure you stay on top of it. When you go to see your eye doctor in Boynton Beach, you can be proactive by being prepared with questions to ensure you are getting the best information when going in for a complete eye exam.

1. What changes can I make to my lifestyle to reduce my chances of eye disease?

There are simple changes you can make in your life, such as wearing sunglasses, that help to reduce your chances of eye disease. Your doctor has a lot of great advice to give you on lifestyle changes you can make to help keep your eyes in tip-top shape.

2. How can I monitor my eye health between visits to my eye doctor in boynton beach?

It is important you pay attention to your eye health between visits to your eye doctor. Be sure to ask your doctor for any red flags you should look for. If you notice changes, be sure to schedule an appointment.

3. Do I have any risks that might cause eye disease?

There are medical issues you may have, such as diabetes or allergies, that put you at greater risk for different eye diseases such as cataracts. Knowing what your risks are can help you to be aware of possible issues.

4. How often do I need to have an eye exam?

How often you need an eye exam depends on your current eye health. Some people only need them every other year, while others have progressive diseases that require they have check-ups more often

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