When visiting the eye doctor, we are usually thinking of our vision. Our eyesight is very important. But did you know that there are other health conditions that can affect your eyes, such as cataracts? Sometimes a trip to the optometrist in Boca Raton can uncover underlying health issues. In addition, some medical conditions may affect your eyesight and require your eye doctor’s care.

Here are 5 examples of medical conditions that affect eyesight. If you experience any of these, be sure to schedule care from an optometrist in boca raton.

1) Nutritional Deficiencies

Proper nutrition is essential for healthy vision. Not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals can increase your risk for cataracts and other eye issues as you age. Vision loss, especially night blindness, can have a vitamin A deficiency at its root.

2) Autoimmune Diseases

Vision changes can be a first sign of certain Autoimmune diseases. Your eye doctor can run tests for specific eye conditions. Treating the autoimmune disease early may help prevent lasting or worsening vision problems.

3) Diabetes

Your eyes are especially sensitive to fluctuations in blood sugar. And uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to serious eye issues. High blood sugar damages the blood supply to the eyes and over time can cause blindness. Diabetes also puts you at higher risk for developing cataracts and glaucoma. If you have diabetes, your eye doctor is essential in monitoring changes in your vision.

4) Shingles

If you have shingles causing painful eyes or painful areas surrounding the eyes, it is important to seek the care of your eye doctor to prevent vision damage.

5) High Blood Pressure

The tiny blood vessels in your eyes can be damaged by high blood pressure. To prevent permanent damage to your retinas, it is vital to control high blood pressure. 

Stay on top of your eye health with regular visits to your eye doctor.

If you’re looking for eye care or have a condition such as cataracts affecting your eyesight that an optometrist in Boca Raton can treat, make an appointment with one of our skilled eye doctors at South Palm Eye. Call us at 561-737-4040 today.