If you haven’t experienced extreme vision changes, how do you know when it’s time for an eye exam with an optometrist in Delray Beach? Optometrists provide primary vision care and can diagnose and treat all eye diseases, such as cataracts. They can prescribe contacts and / or glasses after your vision exam when needed. Here are five signs it’s time to see an optometrist.

1. If You experience eye pain and / or fatigue, call an optometrist in delray beach.

These issues can be signs of deteriorating vision. While eye fatigue, and even pain, can be contributed to allergies or lack of sleep, you should see an optometrist if you experience symptoms lasting longer than a week.

2. If you find yourself squinting a lot, see an eye doctor.

Squinting while reading, working, watching TV, driving, or any other activity  can be a sign that you’re experiencing changes in your vision, especially if you didn’t have to squint before. Squinting can be a sign of near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hypermetropia), or astigmatism.

3. If you’re seeing things in your vision, such as floaters, spots, or flashes of light, call an optometrist.

Any type of spots or flashes in your vision could be a sign of a serious eye disease that could threaten your vision. Don’t be too alarmed though, they are normal and often harmless. But talk to your eye doctor to be sure.

4. If you experience headaches with no known cause and / or have experienced any trauma to the head, you should see an optometrist in Delray Beach.

Headaches such as retinal migraines can be a sign of eye trouble. This is especially true if you experience migraines with auras or temporary blindness in one eye. Additionally, any time you experience head trauma, you should have your eyes examined by a professional.

5. If you have diabetes or other health conditions that can affect your vision, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

There are many conditions that can affect your eyesight in addition to diabetes, including rosacea, high blood pressure, and Lyme disease.  Be sure to stay up to date with your annual eye exams to help reduce your risk of vision changes from other health conditions.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your vision. If you have any of the previous issues, or others that last more than a few days or worsen over time, call the eye doctors of South Palm Eye Associates. You can schedule an appointment by calling 561-737-4040 today!