If you suffer from cataracts, how do you determine when it’s finally time for cataract surgery? It is important to plan your cataract surgery in West Palm Beach at the right time and to be properly prepared.

Here’s what you should know about when to plan cataract surgery in West Palm Beach.

Cataracts don’t go away.

Left untreated, cataracts can lead to blindness. While some cataracts can stop progressing after maturing, they never disappear without treatment. You’re only delaying the inevitable by putting off your surgery. Eventually, cataracts will need to be removed for optimal vision. Why suffer from the side effects of cataracts any longer than you have to?

Having cataract surgery sooner rather than later can be beneficial.

You can reduce your recovery time by having cataracts removed while they are still immature. Additionally, you can reduce the length of time you suffer cataract-induced visual impairment, including loss of color perception, sensitivity to light, and other changes to your vision. Having surgery before your cataracts become hyper mature also reduces the length of surgical time.

Cataract surgery may even help to prevent falls in aging adults. Cataracts put you at risk for impaired vision, dizziness, and trips and falls. These conditions can be very dangerous for anyone, but especially for senior citizens who may suffer more severe injuries from falls.

You deserve better vision.

And you can get that with cataract surgery in West Palm Beach. Protecting your eyesight is so important as you age, and you should protect it at all costs.

Here’s when you should get cataract surgery in west palm beach.

Don’t get surgery just because you have a cataract.  However, as soon as your cataract(s) interfere with any one or more of your activities of daily living, such as driving, walking, cooking, reading, hobbies, or anything else, it is time to talk to your eye doctor about surgery. Don’t let cataracts stop you from leading a less fulfilling life. If you have cataracts and are suffering from the effects, call our surgeons today at South Palm Eye Associates at 561-737-4040 to schedule an appointment. We offer a number of lens implant options to replace your natural lenses and restore your vision.