Cataracts are a common cause of vision issues, especially for those over 40. These days, cataract surgery is typically done as an outpatient procedure and is stitch free. It’s one of the most common and safe surgeries if your doctor is recommending treatment. Here’s what you need to know and 5 signs that your vision may be affected by cataracts near 33437.

What Exactly Are Cataracts?

Affecting an estimated half of Americans over 75, cataracts can happen as we age and the lens of the eye becomes more opaque. The thickening, darkening lens makes it more difficult to see, especially at night. In early stages, cataracts are not typically treated, but if they worsen and interfere with your daily life, cataract surgery may become necessary.

What Are the Signs of Cataracts near 33437?

Here are 5 signs you may be affected by cataracts:

  1. Light Sensitivity – Sensitivity to bright light worsens as cataracts develop. You may notice yourself squinting more and as cataracts worsen, and bright light may even be painful or cause headaches.
  2. Blurry Vision – Blurry spots may develop in your field of vision. Over time, this can worsen and affect your daily activities.
  3. Poor Night Vision – Because they can darken your vision, even during the day, cataracts can make it difficult to see at night. Between darkened vision and sensitivity to bright headlights, cataracts can make driving at night very difficult.
  4. Colors Appear Duller – Changes to your eye’s lenses make colors appear dull or faded.
  5. Seeing Halos – Cataracts can give a halo effect around lights.

What Puts Me At Higher Risk For Cataracts?

Living a healthy lifestyle and eating an eye-healthy diet reduces risk or slows the development of cataracts. Some medical conditions like diabetes and taking certain medications put you at a higher risk for cataracts. But, don’t stop your medications without talking to your doctor. Sun damage, drinking alcohol, and smoking also put you at a higher risk.

Get a Yearly Eye Exam to Determine if You’re Affected By Cataracts Near 33437!

Yearly eye exams play a big role not only in the health of our eyes but detecting other health issues early as well. The doctors at South Palm Eye Associates offer complete eye exams, including early detection of cataracts. Call us to schedule your appointment today at 954-424-2120.