If you’re suffering from the irritating and sometimes painful condition of dry eye, finding an eye doctor skilled in the diagnosis and treatment is key. There are several causes behind dry eye, so discovering the root of your dry eye in Boca Raton is important. Here are two treatments to ask your doctor about.

What Causes Dry Eye in Boca Raton?

Dry eye symptoms happen when the layers of the eye’s tear film are not in balance. In some people the oil layer is out of balance when the oil thickens and blocks the gland. When the oil layer is affected, the water layer evaporates causing dry eye symptoms.

A skilled eye doctor discovers the underlying cause of your dry eye. Dry eye is caused by many factors such as medications, allergies, environmental issues, and even medical conditions like Sjogrens, thyroid issues, and more. Cutting-edge diagnostic tools are available and knowing the cause helps best treat your dry eye

1. Lipiflow Treatment 

When the gland producing the oil no longer functions properly due to blockage, Lipiflow treatment may help. Up to 86% of dry eye is caused by improper oil layer in the tear film, and Lipiflow has an 80% success rate in patients that are candidates for this treatment. Lipiflow uses thermalpulsation to heat up the thickened oil and unblock the gland. Talk to a dry eye specialist to find out the cause of your dry eye, and learn if you are a candidate for Lipiflow.

2. BlephEx

If your dry eye is caused by blepharitis, Blephex is a treatment option to ask about. Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid which affects the tear film. BlephEx microsponge carefully removes debris to treat blepharitis. .

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