Do you wear contact lenses in West Palm Beach? Here is a list of some fun and surprising facts about contacts that you might want to read if you wear contacts regularly!

1. Contacts Aren’t Just for Vision Correction

Did you know that contact lenses can be used for cosmetic and therapeutic reasons as well? Many people use contacts to change their eye color, but for people who have eye problems, like corneal issues, contacts can provide therapeutic benefits.

2. Water Causes Damage to Your Contact Lenses in West Palm Beach

If it is time to take out your contacts and you don’t have any solution, it might seem like a good idea to soak them in water. It isn’t. Anything other than solution made specifically for lenses can lead to eye infections,.

3. Daily Contacts May Be Better Suited for You

It may seem illogical to think that using a new pair of contacts every day is a good idea. It is better for your eyes to put in a fresh pair each morning though. If you add up the cost of cleaning and saline solution over time, daily contacts may come out cheaper, though the initial cost upfront may be higher.

4. The First Contacts Were Made From Glass

Imagine sticking a piece of glass in your eye? When contacts were first invented, they were used by people who suffered from serious eye damage and were not for everyone. They were made from blown glass and lubricated with animal byproducts. Certainly not for the masses!

5. Salt in Your Eyes Gives You the Dry Feeling Associated With Lenses

After wearing contacts all day, it is common to have dry eyes. People often the contacts are to blame, but it is actually the salt from your eyes. As the day goes on, your eyes are lubricated by the salty solution that helps keep them lubricated. The water evaporates, leaving behind the salt, which gives you that dry feeling. 

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