The best thing you can do for your eyes is to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Here are easy tips to ensure you keep your eyes and vision strong for years to come in honor of Healthy Vision Month. 

Wear Sunglasses With UV Protection

Every time you go outside, protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Purchase sunglasses that are specifically labeled 100% UV protection to ensure optimal protection. 

Eat Right

It may sound obvious, but eating a balanced diet that includes vegetables and dark leafy greens will not only keep your body healthy but has tremendous benefits for your vision as well! Don’t pass on the spinach!

Regularly Exercise

A healthy body helps promote healthy eyes. Even taking a brisk walk can elevate your heart rate, which can help keep diabetes at bay. There is a direct link between diabetes and eye diseases including glaucoma. 

Eye Hygiene Matters

Make sure you thoroughly remove your makeup before going to bed. Clean your contacts properly, and wash your face before bed even if you don’t wear makeup to cleanse away allergies, dirt, dust, and other debris that could come into contact with your eyes.

Avoid Eye Strain

Use the 20-20-20 rule to make sure you give your eyes a break, especially if you work on a computer. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for a minimum of 20 seconds. This gives your eyes a much-needed break. It is good to do this if you are a reader too!

Stay Moisturized

Hydrated skin is great, and so are hydrated eyes! If you have dry eyes, see a doctor to discuss options like artificial tears. 

Don’t Smoke

Smoking only increases your risks of a whole host of health problems, and this includes cataracts. If you need help quitting, talk with your doctor.

Book Annual Eye Exams

One of the best things you can do is to visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist annually (or at their recommended intervals) for an eye exam to maintain ocular health.

Make Healthy Vision Month This May the Month You Book an Eye Exam!

Whether you need a general eye exam or you are over 40 and looking for a more comprehensive appointment, the eye care specialists at South Palm Eye Associates are here to help! Call today for an appointment at 561-737-4040 for top-quality vision care!