If your vision seems as though it has changed recently, you may be wondering if you need eyeglasses. How can you know for sure if you need eyeglasses in Boynton Beach? You need a vision exam! You know it’s time to schedule one if you experience any of the following symptoms (or any other eye symptoms that indicate you should see an eye specialist)!

1. Blurred Vision

Blurry vision can indicate several issues, including cataracts. You may not always need glasses for your condition causing blurriness, but it’s best to have a comprehensive eye exam to find out for sure.

2. Headaches

Headaches are not always a sign that you need glasses. However, if you have persistent headaches, it is a good idea to see if vision issues could be the cause. 

3. Lack of Contrast Perception / Light Issues

If you are having issues with perceiving contrast and light, this can be a sign that you need glasses. This issue can occur as a result of cataracts or reduced night vision. Take note of if you have issues seeing at night or switching from light to dark. If these problems persist, you may need glasses. 

4. Nearsightedness

If you are having trouble seeing objects in the distance, you may be nearsighted. For example, you may have trouble seeing road signs and people far away. This affliction is also known as myopia, and it can be easily corrected with prescription lenses. 

5. Farsightedness

Farsightedness is when you have trouble seeing objects close to you. For example, you may have trouble reading or looking at your phone. While this issue is most common in older people, young people can also be farsighted.

6. Vision Anomalies

If you start seeing odd shapes or you experience warped or double vision, you may need glasses. At the very least, you need an exam to diagnose the cause of these unusual symptoms. 

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