As summer break comes to a close, many families are starting to prepare for a successful school year. Buying school supplies is an obvious task, but don’t overlook the importance of a comprehensive eye exam. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Here’s why part of your back to school planning should include scheduling an eye exam for your kiddo, even if they don’t wear glasses.

Children’s eye Health Issues Often Go Unnoticed

Sometimes, years go by with a student struggling in school with a vision issue. Some studies show that up to 25% of kids may have an undiagnosed vision issue. Why? Kids often don’t realize they are struggling to see, since it’s normal to them. Before school starts, an eye exam from a medical professional using the right tools and knowledge often uncovers even minor issues giving your student a better chance for success.

Technology May Strain The Eyes

From bluelight to eye strain, technology impacts the eyes. During an annual children’s eye exam, it’s a perfect time to look for eye issues and talk about steps to take to reduce the impact of technology on your children’s ocular health. Looking at a screen, people tend to blink less, which dries the eyes. Screen use also strains the eyes. It’s important to take regular breaks from screens to protect the eyes. 

Myopia Is More Common Than You Think

Myopia, or nearsightedness, affects more children than you’d think. While their vision of close objects is unaffected, seeing things far away, like the teacher’s writing on the screen or board may be impaired. Taking care of children’s eye health and getting their vision corrected if needed helps them learn more effectively at school. 

Even Children’s Eye Health in those with 20/20 Vision May Have Other Vision Issues

School vision exams may not reveal some important vision issues that are key to developing reading skills and learning overall. A comprehensive eye exam may also detect issues with eye focusing, eye tracking, and eye coordination, all issues that are even possible with 20/20 vision. 

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