Diagnosed with cataracts? When the cloudy lens affects your day-to-day activities, it’s probably time to consider surgery. Thankfully, most insurance and medicare covers the cost of cataract surgery near West Palm Beach. Here’s what you need to know.

Private Insurance

As a medically necessary surgery, most private insurance covers the cost of cataract surgery at least partially. You may have to pay a deductible, copay, or out-of-pocket expenses depending on the type of insurance you carry.

Medicare Insurance

For those with Medicare, the good news is that cataract surgery is typically covered, and Medicare will pay at least a portion of the costs. Expect to pay any deductibles and copays associated with your coverage for each doctor visit, as well as the surgery itself.

Factors That Affect the Cost

These days, cataract surgery offers many options. There are many factors that can affect the cost of your cataract surgery. Be sure to get all your questions answered ahead of time. Some things that affect the cost include:

  • Whether the surgery is in-patient or out-patient
  • The type of lens implant you and your doctor choose (monofocal lenses are standard and less costly than higher tech lenses.)
  • Pre-surgery testing
  • Medications
  • Pre and post-surgery office visits

Choosing Lenses

When having cataract surgery, you’ll have your lens replaced with an implanted lens. When it comes to lenses, there are many options for cataract surgery, and the option you and your doctor choose affect the cost, as mentioned above. 

Monofocal lenses are typically covered, but you’ll still need to wear glasses after surgery. Multifocal lenses correct your vision too, meaning you likely won’t need glasses after your surgery. Toric lenses are another option and correct astigmatism. Multifocal and toric lenses may cost you more out of pocket. 

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