Dry eye is very uncomfortable; when you experience it you often want to do whatever it takes for it to get better. Oftentimes, people who suffer from dry eye have to use eye drops, prescription ointments, or possibly have surgery on their eyes to alleviate the issue. 

Before going to extreme measures, you may be able to change some of your daily habits that could be contributing to your issues. One of these habits is using makeup. While you do not need to stop using makeup if you have dry eye, there are some changes you may need to make to your makeup routine to avoid making your dry eye symptoms worse.

Why do some makeup products make dry eye worse?

Makeup products for your eyes can come in contact with the membrane that covers your eyeball, drying out your eyes. Scientists have done studies to see if certain types of makeup or application techniques get into your eyes membrane easier. They found that powdered makeup is worse than cream makeup. They also found that if you apply your eyeliner along the lash line, then it is more likely to get into your eyes than if you do so below the lash line. Mascara that crumbles also causes issues and increases symptoms.

What makeup products should you avoid?

To help reduce eye issues caused or worsened by eye makeup, here are some things to avoid:

  • Old mascara; it should be replaced at least every three months as it can begin to grow bacteria and also gets more crumbly over time.
  • Use mascara that thickens, as it is less likely to become flaky as the day goes on.
  • If you can, avoid using mascara altogether.
  • Avoid eye makeup removers that contain parabens or that are oil-based.
  • Avoid powder-based foundations and eye shadows and instead opt for cream-based products.

How can you best use makeup when you have dry eye?

If you suffer from dry eye but love your makeup, do not worry! There are some simple routine changes you can make to mitigate issues. This includes:

  • Using eye drops 30 minutes before beginning your makeup routine
  • Using different applicators for each makeup type
  • Using mascara minimally, applying it just to your eyelash tips
  • Applying your eye makeup only on the outside of your lashes
  • Removing your makeup every night before bed
  • Washing your makeup brushes often

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