As a parent, you do everything you can to set your child up for success at school. You make sure they have all the supplies they need, stay up helping them grasp hard concepts, make sure they are well-fed, and drive them to and from their extra-curricular activities. 

But have you considered the importance of regular eye exams? A child who cannot see the whiteboard or read powerpoint presentations can easily fall behind in school through no fault of their own. Setting up a back-to-school eye exam can help ensure your child is seeing well throughout the school year. Here are some reasons you should schedule your child’s eye bi-annual appointment at the end of summer break.

School Life is Busy

Once September comes around and sports and other extracurriculars begin, life gets crazy. Homework, after school clubs, and other activities begin to dominate the daily schedule. Fitting a doctors appointment in once school starts can be much more challenging than it would be to do it before school begins. Help reduce your stress load by getting your child’s eye exam taken care of, so you can go into the school year with one less thing on your plate.

Kids Need Regular Eye Exams

It is essential for good eye health that kids get regular check-ups. A child’s first comprehensive eye exam should be done at 6 months old, with another one done at age three, and then right before they go into first grade. After that, if they do not need corrective lenses, an eye exam should be done at least every other year unless you begin noticing an issue. If your child does wear corrective lenses, they need a yearly check-up to make sure there have not been any changes in their prescription.

Detect Eye Disease / Dysfunction Early

Getting your child’s eyes checked allows any issues to be found and managed with early. For instance, if your child has a lazy eye, it is easier to correct if it is caught before it has progressed too far. There are many other eye issues that may only be caught by a doctor, so get your child’s eye exam done to ensure that they have optimum eye health.

Schedule Your Back-to-School Child Eye Exam at South Palm Associates

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