Contact lenses offer freedom if you wear glasses. However they require a different type of care. Here are five tips to make caring for contact lenses in West Palm Beach easier than ever!

1. Avoid Sleeping in contacts

Sleeping in your contact lenses can deprive your eyes of oxygen and lead to serious complications. Unless you’ve been prescribed extended wear lenses, take your contacts out at night and let your eyes “breathe,” so to speak.

2. Follow Your Optometrist’s Advice for Caring for Contact Lenses in West Palm Beach

Your eye care specialist knows what’s best for you. Once you’re prescribed contact lenses, have a chat with your optometrist about what they personally recommend for your eye health, and then follow that advice. They only want what’s best for you and your health.

3. Keep Your Contacts Clean

Your eyes are incredibly powerful tools, but they run a tight, delicate ship. Contaminants are no joke. Before you do anything with your lenses, wash your hands thoroughly! Then, gently rub the lenses with the recommended cleaning solution and rinse off any debris. When not in use, store your contacts in fresh solution. Never reuse old solution.

4. Sharing Is Not Caring

You shouldn’t let anyone else borrow your contact lenses, and vice versa. Sharing lenses is an easy, surefire way to spread harmful bacteria or infections, which can lead to further complications.

5. Your Replacement Schedule Is More Than Just a Suggestion

It’s not a recommendation, it’s a must. Daily disposable lenses are exactly that – you use them for a day, then dispose of them. Follow the schedule associated with your specific pair of contact lenses, as they’re not all created equal. No matter the case, don’t stretch your lenses out past their schedule.

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