Cataracts can be a thief of independence, causing vision impairment and even affecting the safety of once standard tasks. So, can you drive with cataracts, or is it too unsafe? Here’s what the experts have to say on this tricky subject.

Can You Drive With Cataracts? Why or Why Not?

It should be said first and foremost that a cataract diagnosis doesn’t mean you’re suddenly unfit to drive or that your current eyesight is outside of the legal driving range. However, you should use your best judgment before you hop behind the wheel and get on the road.

If your cataract is still in its early stage or hasn’t significantly impaired your vision, it’s generally safe for you to continue driving. If you experience difficulty driving at night or in general though, it’s safer if you remain a passenger for the time being. You should book a vision exam, so you and your doctor can discuss whether driving is still on the map for you during your current cataract stage.

What Are Your Options for Reclaiming Your Independence?

The first and easiest option is to simply undergo cataract surgery to remove the cataract and repair your vision. This may not be viable or necessary yet, so what can you do in the meantime to maintain and reclaim your freedom?

You may be able to undergo training to improve your driving skills for a safer, easier driving experience. Using prescription strength glasses to enhance your vision while driving may be another option.

Ultimately, if driving is no longer an option for you, this still doesn’t mean an end to your mobility and freedom. Ask your close friends and / or family members to help you and take you places in the meantime, or use public transit or ride-sharing services if they are readily available.

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