It’s estimated that approximately half of Americans will have cataracts by the age of 75. Despite how common they are, many people have a lot of questions about them, such as, “Do cataracts hurt?” Keep reading to find out if they hurt, plus learn about other symptoms!

What Are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

Knowing and being able to recognize the telltale signs of cataracts is important so that you can address this condition right away and avoid significant vision loss.

  • Blurry Vision: Cataracts impact your eyesight negatively by blocking and distorting your perception of light, resulting in bad or blurry vision. 
  • Cloudy Vision: A cataract is described as clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye. As you can imagine, this can cause cloudy vision that can become fully opaque.
  • Difficulty With Low Light: Most people struggle with their cataracts the most at night or in low light situations, because the cataract blocks out light, making it even harder to see when there’s minimal light to begin with.
  • Double Vision: Cataracts can cause double vision in one eye, making you see many images at once and creating a disorientating feeling.
  • Fading of Colors: Cataracts have a color to them that can dominate and alter the other colors you see, typically with a brown, yellow, or faded tint.
  • Halos: You might notice halos forming around sources of light, thanks to cataracts, which can pose a danger to you when it comes to oncoming headlights while driving.

Is Pain a Symptom? Do Cataracts Hurt?

To keep it short and sweet, no, cataracts typically do not hurt or cause discomfort.

You also cannot feel them, so that’s not a symptom you have to worry about. What you might feel is a sensitivity to light and glare, which can create an uncomfortable feeling. Additionally, you may experience inflammation or headaches.

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