If you’re scheduled to have cataract surgery, you might be feeling a bit anxious. That’s normal! But, you can set your mind at ease with this quick guide to cataract surgery aftercare in Boynton Beach. It isn’t difficult, but you should know what to expect so you can prepare. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover After Cataract Surgery?

It can take three to ten weeks to fully recover. However, it should only take one to three days for your vision to start to improve. You’ll be sent home with a bandage, eye patch, or shield to keep you from scratching, rubbing, or otherwise irritating your eye. 

It’s normal to experience itchiness, a sticky sensation, or discomfort after cataract surgery. Your eye may also water more than usual. You’ll be given eye drops to help you heal. Use them as directed. 

You’ll be able to watch TV immediately following surgery, but expect your vision to be a bit blurry. 

What Can I Expect at Home After Cataract Surgery?

Your eye doctor will give you full post-cataract surgery aftercare instructions, so be sure to follow those if there are any differences from the following, as this is just a general guideline of what you can expect at home:

  • Move slowly. Your ability to judge distances might be compromised temporarily after surgery, so move slowly and carefully. This typically lasts a few days. Ask your eye doctor when it’s safe for you to drive.
  • Rest. Your body heals while sleeping. If you feel tired, rest. Don’t push yourself.
  • Wear eye covering. This might be a little aggravating, but it’s important you wear the eye covering given to you until your eye doctor says not to.
  • Be mindful when bathing. It’s okay to shower or take a bath after cataract surgery, but be careful. Keep soaps, shampoo, shaving cream, hair spray, and other irritants out of your eye.
  • No makeup. You’ll be advised to not wear makeup for at least two weeks. 
  • Don’t use hair dye or chemical treatments. This will need to be postponed for at least ten days following cataract surgery. Most patients get this done beforehand.
  • Avoid strenuous activity. Your eye doctor will recommend you skip all strenuous activity for at least two weeks or until you get clearance to continue your regular routine. 
  • Wear sunglasses. If you’re not in the habit of wearing sunglasses on sunny days, now isthe time to get started.
  • Take your medications. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions regarding all medications. This includes the ones you had to adjust or stop before surgery and the ones you will take to help you heal after surgery.
  • Attend your follow-up appointment(s). These are crucial to your recovery, so make sure you attend all eye doctor appointments as scheduled.

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