Cataract surgery is a common surgery to remove the natural lens of the eye after it has become cloudy and impaired the patient’s vision. Advanced techniques have made the operation far less risky and uncomfortable than it was in the past. It has also cut down on the patient’s recovery time.

If you are considering cataract surgery, you will want to know when your vision will improve afterward. In most cases, your vision improves after just a few days.

What Happens After Cataract Surgery?

Right after the surgery, your vision may be blurry. You may need to wear an eye patch to protect your eye during the day and a shield to protect it at night. The use of medications such as eye drops help lower the risk of infection and inflammation.

Our eye doctor always checks the eye a day or two after the surgery to make sure that all is well. We ask the patient to come in for another follow-up appointment after another month to check the eye again.

Can I Get Cataract Surgery on Both Eyes at the Same Time?

If you have cataracts in both eyes, you’ll need to wait between surgeries. The surgery on the second eye usually takes place after the first eye heals. The eye should be completely healed and vision restored after two months. Cataract patients often need glasses but need to wait for the eye to heal all the before getting them.

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