Dry eye syndrome is a recurring problem affecting more than 3 million Americans every year. Over time, the condition may worsen as moisture decreases. It’s possible to successfully treat your dry eyes and manage the condition, though it may take a combination of methods to experience lasting results.

Reducing the Pain and Irritation of Dry Eye

1. Rest Eyes Often

For some people, closing and resting the eyes provides relief from dryness if your condition is caused by eye strain. Reading or staring at digital devices for extended periods of time places stress on the eyes and could lead to a decrease in tear production. Resting the eyes for up to 30 minutes several times throughout your day may help to bring some moisture back into your eyes.

2. Eliminate Drying Conditions

For some people, dryness is a result of their environment. The eyes may dry from exposure to extreme heat or cold, whether indoors or outdoors. Fix this problem by maintaining low to normal levels of humidity.

3. Use Medicated Eye Drops

Eye drops often provide instant relief for dryness. The medicated fluid is safe and effective. However, it may only be temporary

Contact a doctor if your dryness symptoms last longer than two weeks. This may be the sign of an underlying disease like diabetes or severe eye problems. Dry eye treatment Boynton Beach professionals take dry eyes seriously and may prescribe LipiFlow prescription medication to treat gland dysfunction.

South Palm Offers LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment in Boynton Beach

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