Preparing for your eye doctor appointment is the best way to get the most out of your visit. It will help your appointment run efficiently and smoothly. This quick guide will make your next visit to an eye doctor in Delray Beach a breeze!

Journal Your Symptoms

If you have symptoms you are concerned about and you’re not already writing them down, start now. 

It will help your eye doctor treat you if they have a complete picture of what you are experiencing. Note any triggers that might cause symptoms. For example: Have you noticed anything specific that causes your vision to become blurry? Do you have headaches? Nausea? Anything else?

Gather Important Documents

If you are using insurance, be sure to take that information with you. You should also have your ID or other photo identification. Most eye doctors have downloadable patient forms on their websites. Fill them out at home, because it’s less stressful than having to fill them out in a waiting room. Don’t forget your symptoms journal!

Prepare to Discuss Your Medical History

Before an eye exam, your eye doctor will want to know about your medical history as well as that of your family. This will include any medical conditions you have as well as a list of medications / supplements you are taking. 

Ask your family members about their eye health. This information helps your eye doctor to determine whether you are at risk for certain eye diseases. 

Bring Your Existing Glasses or Contacts

Your eye doctor will want to evaluate your current eyewear to assess if your current prescription is working as it should. 

Create a List of Questions

It’s quite common to have questions for your eye doctor. Not sure what to ask? Here is a list to get you started. Feel free to add to it:

  • Am I at risk for eye problems?
  • How often should I schedule eye exams?
  • What is the best way to care for my eyes?
  • Which is better for me – glasses or contacts?
  • What tests, if any, will I need?

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