If you wear glasses, you know they can be a bit burdensome. If you’ve just found out you need corrective lenses, you may not want to be bothered with glasses at all. It’s not always been possible for everyone to wear them, but contact lenses in South Palm Beach may be an option for you!

What Exactly Are Contact Lenses?

They are thin pieces of plastic that are worn directly on the eye to correct your vision. They are beneficial if you have an active lifestyle and don’t want glasses but still want great eyesight!

You’ll Need an Exam to Get Contact Lenses in South Palm Beach

This exam is aimed at fitting you for contact lenses. It can take a bit longer than a regular eye exam, so be prepared for that. It’s important you are examined to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for contacts lenses in South Palm Beach. 

Your optometrist will measure your eye to be sure to get the best fit possible. A proper fit means your contacts will be comfortable to wear. If you’re new to contacts, your eye doctor will instruct you on how to insert and remove your lenses. You’ll also receive instructions on how to care for your new lenses including cleaning and storage.

You’ll Need to Get Used to a Contact Lens Schedule

There are a few types of lenses, and depending on the type you choose, you’ll need to adapt to a schedule. Daily contacts are meant to be worn for a day then thrown away. 

Some soft or RGP lenses need to be worn for a day, removed, cleaned, disinfected, and stored each night before you go to bed. These lenses last for quite some time but will eventually need to be replaced. 

You may also have the option of extended wear contact lenses. These can be worn overnight for up to a week. However, because this extended wear can pose a risk for injection, not all eye doctors recommended them. 

Ready for Contact Lenses in South Palm Beach? If So, You Need South Palm Eye Associates!

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