Dry eye has many causes. Discovering the underlying cause of this common condition is a big part of the treatment. One top dry eye in West Palm Beach treatment is Lipiflow, which can treat dry eye that is caused by a loss of balance in the tear film.

What Causes Dry Eye Symptoms?

Tear film in your eyes has two layers; one made up of water and another made up of fat. If the layers aren’t in balance, it can cause symptoms of dry eye. Most dry eye problems are due to issues with the oil layer, which allows the water layer to evaporate. The meibomian glands secret the oil, and over time, the oil can thicken and can block the gland on some people.

How Does Lipiflow Treatment Help Dry Eye?

Lipiflow uses thermal pulsation to unblock the meibomian glands. Heat softens the thick oil to unblock the gland, and then pulsations cause the eyelid to release the oil. Lipiflow is 80% successful to unblock the gland and get it back to producing normal thin oil. 

How Can a Dry Eye in West Palm Beach Center of Excellence Help With Dry Eye?

As a Dry Eye Center of Excellence, our doctors at South Palm Eye are committed to applying cutting-edge knowledge and technology to diagnose and treat dry eye. We use these diagnostic techniques to diagnose the root cause of dry eye.

  • Allergy testing: To determine whether your dry eye is caused by allergies.
  • Inflammadry: A rapid test offered in-office that detects an inflammatory marker often associated with dry eye.
  • Keratograph 5M: An advanced ocular imaging system used to analyze the tear film.
  • SJO diagnostic test: Detects Sjogren’s syndrome early. This syndrome causes about 10% of dry eye.
  • TearLab: Measures the salt content of tears to diagnose and understand treatment results.

If you suffer from dry eye, seek the top dry eye in West Palm Beach treatment at South Palm Eye Associates. As a dry eye center of excellence, we are committed to discovering the root cause of your condition and offering you our best treatment options to help you find relief. To learn more contact us at 561-737-4040 to schedule your appointment today!