Making vision care a priority for those who wear glasses is a part of life. But if you’ve never worn glasses and you’re over the age of 40, it’s time to make eye care in West Palm Beach a part of your healthcare routine. Seek out an eye doctor and get your eyes checked yearly, even if you don’t wear glasses. Routine eye care can find early signs of issues. And, when treated, you’ll have a better outcome than if you should wait and let your condition go undetected. 

Here are 4 common eye issues as you age.

1. Having Trouble Reading

As the years creep forward, it’s common to find changes to your vision, especially noticeable when you’re reading. The lens of the eye loses some flexibility as we age and changes your near vision. If you notice changes, it might be time to see the eye doctor for reading glasses. 

2. Dry Eye

In some cases of dry eye, aging is the cause. A loss of balance in the tear film from a thickening of the oil layer causes the discomfort of dry eye. Thankfully, there are cutting-edge technologies for both diagnostics and treatment, so see an eye doctor that specializes in dry eye for early treatment.

3. Glaucoma

Everyone over 40 should be tested regularly for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a buildup of pressure in the eye that damages the optic nerve. When caught early, it can be treated. An eye doctor dilates the eyes and tests the pressure and examines the optic nerve during a routine eye exam.

4. Cataracts

As you age, cataracts can form as the lens thickens and becomes less transparent. They begin and progress slowly, but it is essential to have your eye doctor monitor all changes to your eyes. Cataracts can cause blurry vision, make it difficult to see at night when driving, and lead to light sensitivity. In many cases, surgery isn’t scheduled until vision issues are affecting the quality of your daily life.

Eye Care in West Palm Beach Is Just a Phone Call Away 

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