Are you one of the estimated 3 million people living with glaucoma? Many people aren’t even aware that they have it, yet it is a leading cause of blindness. Is glaucoma in Boynton Beach compromising your vision? Here’s how to find out, as well as some answers to commonly asked questions about this condition.

A Vision Exam Helps Diagnose Glaucoma in Boynton Beach

Yearly eye exams are an important part of staying healthy. Be sure to schedule yours! During your exam, your doctor tests for glaucoma by measuring the pressure inside the eye using tonometry. 

There are several testing methods to use, and all are simple and pain free. Elevated eye pressure may damage the optic nerve and puts you at higher risk of developing glaucoma. Your doctor also examines the health of the optic nerve using an ophthalmoscope.

What Exactly Is Glaucoma?

There are many forms of glaucoma that damage the optic nerve and compromise your vision. People over 60 are at the greatest risk for developing glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is the most common type. Often individuals experience no symptoms early on, but this disease is progressive and early treatment is key to maintaining vision. 

How Is It Treated?

There is no cure for glaucoma, but vision can be preserved with treatment, and early diagnosis of glaucoma in Boynton Beach is key! For the most common type of glaucoma, medication in the form of eye drops is used most often. The medicated drops help maintain optimal amounts of eye fluid to alleviate pressure in the eye and protect the optic nerve.

What Can I Do if My Vision Is Already Affected?

For those with limited vision, there are resources to help you. Your doctor can prescribe vision aids like prescription magnifiers to help you read fine print. Choose large-print reading materials that are easier on the eyes. Consider using new technology options that assist the visually impaired. Talk to your eye doctor for more information and resources.

Is It Time for an Eye Exam? Get Tested for Glaucoma in Boynton Beach With the Providers at South Palm Eye!

Our doctors invest in the best diagnostic and treatment resources to care for your eyes and vision. Find out more about your health by scheduling an eye exam today. Your comprehensive exam tests not only for glaucoma but for many other eye and health conditions, including cataracts and dry eye. Call us at 561-737-4040 for an appointment today.