Regular vision and eye exams are essential to helping prevent, slow the progression of, or properly treating eye conditions. At your first visit to a new eye doctor in Delray Beach, you can expect it to take up to an hour or two hour as your new physician gets to know you. Your initial appointment will be very thorough, so your optometrist or ophthalmologist can gain valuable insights into the state of your eye health.

Your Eye Doctor in Delray Beach Will Give You a Complete Eye Exam

You can expect a vision acuity test to be a part of your eye exam appointment. The eye doctor will have you read from a chart of letters to help test your vision and determine how well each eye is seeing. If this test determines that you may need corrective lenses, they you will have a refraction assessment. During this exam, you will look at the letters on the chart through refractive lenses. Your results allow your eye doctor to write your prescription.

Your doctor will perform a tonometry test to check the pressure of your eye. This test allows your eye doctor to assess your risk of glaucoma. Your doctor may include several other tests as well, such as manual vision field testing to help find any blank spots in your field of sight. Indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit-lamp exam may also be given to help better inspect the eye.

Also, you can expect to give a full health history. Your doctor will want to know about eye and other health conditions that you or anyone in your family may have.

Your eye exam may include dilation to widen your pupils. This gives your doctor a better look into your eyes. Bring sunglasses with you to your appointment, as dilation can last several hours and make you sensitive to sunlight. This is temporary, however.

Be prepared for your first eye exam

Here is a list of what you should bring with you to your first visit.

  • Eyewear – glasses and / or contacts if you wear them
  • Health history
  • Health insurance card
  • Lists of medications and supplements you take
  • Questions you may have for your eye doctor

Schedule a Followup to see your eye doctor again

Before leaving the office, set up your next appointment based on your doctor’s recommendations. Eye exams should be performed every year to two years based on the condition of your eyes. Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations to protect your vision .