If you’ve been told you need cataract surgery in Boca Raton, you likely have a lot of questions. While surgery isn’t always your first choice, it is the best treatment option available for cataracts. Left untreated, cataracts can grow larger and eventually lead to total loss of eyesight.

Cataract surgery in boca raton is common, safe, and effective.

Cataract surgery is very safe, and nearly four million surgeries of this type are performed every year. 99.5 percent of patients in a study of 200,000 Medicare beneficiaries who underwent cataract surgery reported ‘no severe postoperative complications.’ It is one of the most common surgeries in the world. Your ophthalmologist is highly trained to perform the safest possible surgery. Studies show about 95 percent of patients receiving standard IOL lenses had their vision fully restored.

There are multiple types of implants.

Your doctor will discuss with you your best lens options for treatment based on your unique eye care needs. Some factors that help determine the type of lens implants you receive include whether you have astigmatism, pre-existing eye conditions, and your distance vision. Monofocal lenses are the most common type of implants. Multifocal lenses and Toric lenses are also available, depending on what is right for you.

Cataract surgery recovery is relatively short.

After your anesthesia wears off, you’re able to return home following your surgery. You should have someone with you to drive you home. Side effects the day of surgery may include blurred or double vision, watery eyes, red / bloodshot eyes, and / or a feeling of something gritty in your eye(s). These usually clear up within 48 hours. Full healing may take six to eight weeks, but typically discomfort disappears after two or three days. You can expect to visit your surgeon after about a month for a follow-up visit. Follow all instructions from your eye surgeon, including using any medicated eye drops or other prescribed medication. It may take up to ten weeks for your vision to reach the best possible outcome.

Before cataract surgery in Boca Raton, find a trusted eye surgeon.

There’s no rush to have surgery after you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts. However, you do want to schedule it within a few weeks or so. Take your time and choose an experienced, skilled eye surgeon that provides outstanding patient care.