One of the best and most unique gifts you can give this holiday season is the gift of sight. Almost 75 percent of the US population wears some sort of vision correction item, and nearly 85 percent wears sunglasses. An optical gift is thoughtful, helpful, and easily obtained at your nearest eye doctor in Boynton Beach.

Top Reasons to Give an Eye Care Gift

One excellent reason to give an optical gift is that you know it will be appreciated. The old saying is “it’s the thought that counts,” but these types of gifts end up in an attic somewhere collecting dust. Giving an optical gift to someone who needs eye care ensures that your gift will be used and appreciated.

Optical gifts are also great because regular eye care is extremely important, especially for elderly people. Some people may not have insurance and can’t afford eye exams, glasses, or contact lenses. Giving them the gift of sight could be one of the most thoughtful and healthy things you can do!

Another reason is that an optical gift is personal. This shows that you actually put some thought into the gift, because it’s selected especially for that person. Getting an optical gift prevents you from having to give a generic gift card or other random, spur-of-the-moment gift.

Optical gifts are stylish. Contact lenses come in a range of different colors or styles (i.e. cat eyes). Glasses can be ordered with designer frames. You could even get stylish sunglasses as a great gift and they don’t even require a prescription most of the time. The variety of choices allows you to get something to fit any fashion taste.

Types of Optical Gifts

Most eye doctors would have a good range of optical gifts to choose from. Selections for optical gifts can include:

  • Designer eyeglasses
  • Colored or clear contact lenses
  • Eyeglass cases or contact lens cases
  • Sunglasses
  • Pre-paid eye exams
  • Gift cards

If the receiver of the gifts has prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, you’ll probably need to get the gift from their regular eye doctor in Boynton Beach. You can simply order them, since the eye doctor will already have their prescription on file.

Say ‘Happy Holidays’ With the Gift of an Eye Exam or Other Vision Care From South Palm Eye Associates

An optical gift is a great consideration, because it is unique, tailored to the recipient, and beneficial to their optical health. One thing is for sure, an optical gift is one that people won’t forget. Call us today for more information at 561-737-4040, or stop in our optical shop at South Palm Eye Associates to get the perfect present this holiday season!