If you are like many people and have to wear glasses most of the time, you likely either forget or find it annoying to try to use sunglasses. While using sunglasses may not be convenient, it is essential for your eye health that you get a pair of prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

Using sunglasses has many benefits, including the reduction of aging around your eyes and helping to keep your eyes in top shape for longer. In honor of UV Safety Month, here are some reasons you need to make sure to wear your prescription sunglasses.


  • Sunglasses reduce the possibility of cataracts.


Prolonged exposure to UV rays can increase your chances of getting cataracts. However, the good news is that people who consistently wear sunglasses are 20% less likely to develop cataracts in their lifetime. While cataracts are prevalent, and most people develop them as they age, you can reduce your chances of developing them or at least ensure you are much older when you do.


  • Sunglasses protect you from harmful light.


We all know that UV light is harmful to our eyes. Did you also know that HEV light, or blue light, is also harmful? Most of us think of our screened devices when thinking of blue light, but blue light also occurs in nature. This is why the sky appears blue to us. Wearing sunglasses helps to protect you from UV and HEV light, improving your overall eye health.


  • Sunglasses help prevent or slow degenerative eye diseases.


Degenerative eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, can be slowed or prevented by wearing sunglasses. If you already have been diagnosed with macular degeneration, it is especially important that you wear sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from harmful light can slow down the progression of macular degeneration and other debilitating eye diseases such as keratoconus. 

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As you can “see,” there are a ton of benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you for protecting them! Stop into our optical center for prescription sunglasses near Palm Beach, and check out all the latest styles of eyewear from top designers including Coach and DKNY!