Have you recently been told you need cataract surgery? If so, you’ve probably got tons of questions as so many patients do. Keep reading to learn the answers to cataract surgery FAQs. 

Q: Can Cataracts Be Prevented or Reversed?

A: Once you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, they can’t be reversed, though wearing sunglasses with UV protection might slow down the progression of existing cataracts. A healthy diet rich in antioxidant vitamins is linked to cataract prevention. 

Q: Is Cataract Surgery Painful?

A: Your eye doctor will make your safety and comfort a priority. A local anesthetic (numbing eye drops) and a sedative will be given to you before your procedure. When these medications begin to wear off, you may feel a scratchy sensation or soreness for a day or two after surgery. These effects are easily remedied with over-the-counter pain relievers. 

Q: If I Wear Glasses Before Cataract Surgery, Will I Still Need Them After?

A: There are lens implants that can significantly improve your vision after cataract surgery. Work with your eye doctor to find the best solution for you. It should be noted that you might need to continue wearing reading glasses after your surgery. 

Q: What Are the Risks Associated With Cataract Surgery? 

A: Cataract surgery is quite common and considered safe with complications being incredibly rare. 

1 in 1,000 cases has resulted in serious complications like infection and retinal detachment. 1 in 100 cases has shown less serious side effects like prolonged recovery or further surgery. Your eye doctor will discuss with you all possible risks before your cataract surgery. 

Q: Can I Have Cataract Surgery On Both Eyes at Once?

A: It isn’t recommended you have surgery done on both eyes at one time so your doctor is able to anticipate how well you’ll do during and after the second surgery. 

Cataracts also do not usually progress the same either. So, while you might need surgery on one eye, it may be a while before you need it on the other. 

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