New to contact lenses, or is it time for an upgrade? Contact lenses in West Palm Beach have many benefits. They don’t fog up like glasses, you’ll enjoy improved peripheral vision, and they’re more comfortable. Here are three things to know about getting contact lenses and avoiding complications.


1. Get the right fit and the right contact lenses in west palm beach.


A visit to the eye doctor is the first step in getting new contact lenses. Avoid over-the-counter lenses, and get properly fitted. Your doctor will do a complete eye exam and expertly fit your lenses. The optometrist will take into account your medical history, prescription, existing eye issues, and your lifestyle. They will also let you know how often to schedule follow up exams for your contact lenses .


2. Practice good hygiene. 


Taking the time to wash your hands before handling your lenses and touching your eyes is imperative to avoid complications like eye infections. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap, and then dry them completely before putting in your contacts. Never use water on your lenses. Avoid sleeping in your contacts for best results.


3. Use the right solution for your contact lenses.


Only use a sterile solution that is recommended for the types of lenses that you wear. When you purchase your lenses, they may come with the recommended solution. If you have questions about brands, be sure to ask your doctor. Your eye doctor will teach you the proper way to clean and care for your lenses. 

For prescription contact lenses in West Palm Beach, see the eye doctors at South Palm!

For enhanced quality of vision and comfort for your contact lenses in West Palm Beach, come to South Palm Eye Associates. Our eye doctors, including optometrist, Dr. Ahava Oppenheimer and ophthalmologists Dr. Kenneth Kasten and Dr. Stephen Robins, carefully assess each patient and use corneal topographical measurements to design your ideal lenses. This process optimizes your lenses in minimal time and reduces the number of patient visits. Contact us to schedule your appointment, and our optometrists will carefully evaluate and measure to ensure the best vision outcome. Call 561-737-4040 today!