During your eye exam, you likely have questions you want to ask, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are the top four questions to ask your eye doctor in West Palm Beach so you can take control of your eye health!

1. Is There Anything in My Family or Medical History That Puts Me at Risk for Eye Issues?

This is an important discussion to have with your eye doctor. Being open and honest about both your medical and family history gives your doctor better understanding of your risk for potential complications and conditions, helping you to put preventative measures in place.

2. How Can I Monitor My Eye Health and Prevent Future Complications?

Prevention is key. Learning what to watch (pun intended) for makes it easier to address problems as soon as they occur . If you’ve received a diagnosis for an eye disease or condition, ask your doctor about symptoms to pay attention to, as well as signs that your condition is worsening or improving.

3. Ask Your Eye Doctor in West Palm Beach How Often You Should Schedule an Eye Exam

While the annual eye exam is recommended for most, it’s not one size fits all. For a personalized schedule that suits your specific lifestyle and eye health, ask your eye doctor how often you should come in for an exam or follow-up visits.

4. Which Tests Are Being Performed During My Appointment?

If you have anxiety about your appointment, which is perfectly normal, it’ll ease your mind to know what you can expect. Ask your doctor about the tests they’ll perform during your exam and the instruments they’ll use so you know what to expect, and if any tests will affect your vision, requiring you to schedule a ride home ahead of time.

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